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Results 20 December 2015

Results 22 November 2015

ODE at Putloe Court 30 August 2015

ODE At Tan House Farm, Berkeley 16 August 2015

Badminton Drive 12 July 2015

Summer Evening Event 7 July 2015

Summer Evening Event 17 June 2015

Summer Evening Event 20 May 2015

IHDT Cricklands 8 March 2015

IHDT Cricklands 8 February 2015

IHDT Cricklands 4 January 2015




Results 2o December 2015




Results 22 November 2015




ODE at Putloe Court - 30 August 2015

This was the second Club One Day Event this August, the first having taken place at Tan House Farm two weeks earlier. Eleven turnouts enjoyed a friendly, well run competition. We were lucky with the timing as I fear an event planned for the following day would have been washed-out!

There were five quite tricky obstacles laid out in the paddocks, three of them using the Putloe Court permanent telegraph pole obstacles. Alan Hodges had set some puzzles for drivers here, as there were a lot of tight turns to tackle to achieve good times. A wooden bridge featured in the fifth obstacle which was fun to drive although it caused trouble for one or two.

Neil Edwards won the Novice Pony class despite the excitement of his pony losing a leg bandage in the second obstacle. Megan Coles pulled herself up from fourth place to second by dint of very speedy times in all the obstacles. Alison Duneven-Gordon was third and Jane Hendy finished fourth.

A tandem and a pair contested the multiples class. Ainslie Turner's inexperienced pony tandem coped really well, but Jaqui Pillinger's pony pair comfortably won the day in this class.

Ainslie reappeared to compete in the Open Pony class against Erica Rye. These two were neck and neck after dressage and cones, but Ainslie drew ahead in the obstacles to win the class.

Both Novice Horse class entrants took it steady in the obstacles, especially as it was raining by this point in the day. Elizabeth Pilkington won this class with Catherine Stevens in second place.

Although Caitlin Coles was the only Open Pony competitor, she finished with the best overall score of the day.

Jane Gillman and Maggie Martin provided us with a great competition, and we thank them very much for their hard work. As always their team of stewards and helpers did a wonderful job and remained cheerful even in the rain. We also thank them for the wonderful rolls and home-made cake they provided for us at lunch time and the abundant and welcome supply of hot tea and coffee.




ODE At Tan House Farm, Berkeley - 16 August 2015

A beautiful if rather autumnal morning greeted drivers arriving early at Tan House Farm near Berkeley to compete in this lovely event. Walking the course in the cold dewy grass caused some chilly feet for an hour or two.

Course builder, Alan Hodges, had set the dressage arena and cones course in the large level field where the going was perfect. The five obstacles were in the fields across the drive, four of them temporary constructions and the fifth the Copse. They were inviting and drove well.

The Multiples class was the first to go, partly because Jane Perkins, back stepping for Janet was also the scorer for the day. Janet Macdonald's pair on their home ground, produced the best test of the day, receiving only 13 penalties. Jacqui Pillinger's pair closed the gap a little with a good cones round. Ainslie Turner took it easy as Woody, the wheeler in her tandem is just coming back into work after a long break. Both Janet and Jacqui drove the obstacles smoothly, but Jacqui gained enough advantage to win this class by a small margin from Janet in second place and Ainslie in third.

Caitlin Coles took the red rosette in the Open class, her obstacle times being easily the fastest in the class. In second place was Sue Johnson, who despite a sound score after dressage and cones, could not match Caitlin's speed in the obstacles. Not far behind, in third, was Ainslie driving the indomitable Leo as a single. After a good dressage, Erica Rye was steadier in the obstacles with Herbie finishing in fourth place.

Megan Coles won the four strong Novice class. She drove the only double clear cones round of the day and her overall score was the best at this event. In second place and a long way behind was Elizabeth Pilkington who scored very respectable marks in dressage and cones but was very slow in the obstacles. Jane Hendy was third and sadly Catherine Stephens was eliminated in the second obstacle.

An efficient support team cleared almost everything away very quickly ready for transport up the A38 to Putloe Court for the next club one day event. An ample and delicious lunch of sandwiches and cake was much enjoyed by all, competitors and stewards alike. We are so very fortunate to be able to enjoy this friendly event at Tan House Farm, thanks to the invitation and hospitality of the Macdonald family. Thanks must also go to the helpers and stewards who spent their Sunday morning timing and scoring us and generally keeping order.




Badminton Drive 12 July 2015

Writing this a week later, it is hard to imagine how wet we were! It is certainly a while since I was soaked through like we were on our wonderful drive in Badminton Park.

A small group of drivers met at John and Wendy Weaver's farm and parked up on John's lawn-like field. After a coffee and a briefing we were started off at intervals of a few minutes. As I missed this event last year I was surprised to be sent off in the opposite direction to the one I was expecting.

Having driven along the edge of a large field, we quickly realised that we were driving on the Beaufort point-to-point course. This was a superb beginning to the drive. As we neared the road crossing, we remembered how once a long time ago when we came to the races, we were towed on and off the field, as liquified mud was almost flowing down the slope.

Once in the park, and enjoying a lovely trot across a massive field and into the woods, the rain began to make its presence felt. Undaunted, we decided that such conditions were much cooler for the horses and that the flies were obviously keeping dry somewhere. In fact we decided that it was completely perfect

By the time we reached the dividing of the ways, for the long or short routes, my back-stepper was observing that he could not see much because of the raindrops on his glasses! Selecting the long route, we trotted along an estate road past a paddock full of hunt horses, who were clearly enjoying their morning's entertainment. Apparently, they moved beautifully as they came over to greet Mac, but I could not watch them, as Mac was also moving well! I think it was at this stage that the rain and wind really began, and continued for most of the rest of the drive. Nevertheless, we could just make out the big house looming into view through the murk and as always it was fun seeing the cross country jumps, the lake and the place where the arena is for the horse trials all deserted and empty.

From here we turned back for home, Mac taking heart from seeing some other horses and getting his second wind. A lot of the route was along the huge ride leading to the Worcester Lodge from the house. The rain abated a little, but we were definitely soggy by now. It was a huge pleasure being able to trot on grass for such a long way and even enjoy a little canter up to the Lodge. Simon and Lucy helped us cross the road, and then we were back on the farm, and trotting and cantering back to the lorry park.

It would be difficult to beat this drive, it being a privilege to drive in Badminton Park in the first place. John and his team had made the most of this special opportunity by providing us with a varied and interesting route which was well signed and stewarded. It was super!!! Thank you to everyone involved in the planning and preparation for the day and the band of stewards who spent a morning in the rain for us.


For the first time this year, an entry fee was charged, which has been donated to the Society for the Welfare of Horses and Ponies, Monmouthshire ( With the fees and private donations, we were able to send them a cheque for £280.


Summer Evening Event 7 July 2015

The cones course flowed well, but proved a little challenging with lots of direction changes and there were no clear rounds, with only a few drivers achieving just a few penalties. The obstacles included the water again, which a lot enjoy and really attack with relish.

New members, Caitlin and Megan Coles had the best scores of the day to win the Novice Horse and Novice Pony classes.

This was the last of these very popular Summer evening events run at Cricklands. Huge thanks to James and the Broome family for the use of their great facilities.



Summer Evening Event 17 June 2015



Summer Evening Event 20 May 2015


IHDT Cricklands 8 March 2015



IHDT Cricklands 8 February 2015


IHDT Cricklands 4 January 2015

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