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Fun day at Tan House Farm 24 September 2017

National Carriage Driving Championships at Cirencester Park 10th September 2017

Toby - the horse of a lifetime!



We would like to ask members of the public to report anything suspicious to our non-emergency number 0845 090 1234

so that an incident can be created and any enquiries can be followed up, or

contact Melanie Campbell on the number below:

PC 695 Melanie Campbell

Horsewatch Co-ordinator at Gloucestershire Constabulary Gloucester South Police Station - (Quedgeley)


Phone: 0845 090 1234 ext 4182


Fun day at Tan House Farm 24 September 2017


A great fun day was enjoyed at Tan House Farm with many thanks to Janet McDonald for her excellent advice whilst practising the new dressage test and for the wonderful spread of food for the participants.

The dressage test was quite tricky as it involved a four step rein back and two one-handed deviations. This caused quite a problem for those driving a pair one-handed and they nearly disappeared off the horizon!.

The 'conestacles' which were a combination of cones and obstacles also took most of the teams a while to work out. However, as it was a fun day, everyone had a chance to practice the route as many times as they wished which is exactly what was needed.


(More pictures on the Gallery page)

National Carriage Driving Championships at Cirencester Park 10th September 2017


National Championships at Cirencester - didn't they do well !

Our club was represented in the Evolution classes by Alison Dascombe, Ralph Bailey, Maureen Capes and Amelia Waddicor and they pretty much swept the board- two firsts, two seconds and a fourth !

Maureen won the Young Pony and was fourth in Novice Pony, Ralph won Young Horse, Amelia was second in Novice Pony and Alison was second in Young Horse.

Huge well done to all of you - you did us proud ! FODDTG is so fortunate to have such talented drivers, and horses and ponies - you were a credit to our club !

(More pictures on the Gallery page)

Sue Johnson and Timmy collected the scores and said :-

"What a wet weekend Timmy and I had score collecting at the Nationals at Cirencester Park. I don't think I have any dry clothes left but at least Timmy managed to raise £91 for a charity from having his photo taken. Thanks also to my stewarding friends who made the weekend fun xxx"






Sara Jane Hayes has been taking some fabulous picture at our last few events.

Here are just a few taken at the December event which was very foggy and cold!

Sara Jane Hayes has been taking some fabulous picture at our last few events.

Here are just a few taken at the December event which was very foggy and cold!

Toby - the horse of a lifetime!


General Information and Club Rules:

New Members:
If you have never completed as a driver in a BC-affiliated event or IHDT event, you must have an assessment before you compete. This rule applies to everyone and is for everyone's safety. Assessments forms can be downloaded from Our club assessors are Janet Macdonald and James Broome, or you can have the assessment done by any other appropriate person as long as they are attached to a BCaffiliated club. There will be a charge for this.

About sharing:
If you are sharing a carriage or groom with another competitor, please let us know on the entry form. Scheduling takes a long time, and we will always try to accommodate your needs. This is usually done the day before an event; if you make any changes please let the organiser know in good time.

Late entries:
Entries received after the closing date may be accepted if there is space. A £10 late entry fee will be charged.

Please let the organiser know you are withdrawing, so we won't worry about where you are when you don't turn up!

Weather factors are beyond our control, and we will do our best to tell you as soon as we can if things change significantly. If in doubt, always check the Cricklands weather watch on for events at the David Broome Event Centre and at other venues, check with he organisers.

Your details:
If your contact details change, please make sure you let the club secretary know, especially changes to telephone numbers and email addresses.

Some "do's" and "don'ts":
 Don't bring any horse or pony to an event if it is not entered in the completion, unless you have first asked the organiser's permission.
 Children are welcome, but must be supervised.
 Do not take your dog into the dressage, cones or obstacles arenas.
 Hard hats must be worn at all times when on the carriage.
 Wear a helmet if you use a quad or motor bike.
 When warming up please be considerate of other drivers especially to those with less experienced horses/ponies.
 Drivers must have third-party insurance which covers them for attending and taking part in our events. Being a driving member of the   FODDTG or of BC covers the driver.
 The groom may not speak or communicate with the driver whilst in the dressage or cones arena. Except under special circumstances - see the BC rule book.
 Drivers should report to the steward 10 minutes before the start of the dressage. Failing to do this will incur penalties.
 Do not lunge or long-rein any horse or pony in the lorry park. Ask the organiser where you may do this if necessary.
 Do not trot from the lorry park to the practice areas. Keep on the tracks in walk.

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