Club Information

Entry Methods

Summer Events

Enter online here 

Summer Events

Watch this space for up-coming summer events. 

Winter Events

Winter entries are made through horse monkey which will be made available later in the year.

Late Entries

Entries close 7 days before the date scheduled. 
Late entries will only be accepted if space allows.


Please let the organiser know you are withdrawing so we don’t worry where you are when you don’t turn up.

Sharing Equipment

If you are sharing a carriage or groom with another competitor, make note on the entry form.

We always try to accommodate your needs. If arrangements change please let the organiser know in good time.


All scheduled training sessions can be viewed on the events page. For bookings and more information contact:

Training Dates:


Dressage Tests

Click here to view all of the current dressage tests for 2019.


Being a British Carriage Driving Affiliated Club we follow their rules. See here: 2019 British Carriage Rule Book