Winter Programme

Indoor Carriage Driving UK

ICD UK (est. 1998) are the main body of Indoor Driving. The three phases are taken indoors into a shortened format.

2023-24 Season Final

19th - 21st April 2024

Arena UK, Allington, Lincolnshire,
NG32 2EF


Our Winter Series runs from October to April at Cricklands, The David Broome Event Centre. All dates are published as the summer season concludes.

2023-2024 Dates
Cricklands Arena
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Sun 8th Oct – Cricklands

Sat 4th Nov – Cricklands

Sat 2nd Dec – Cricklands 

Sat 13th Jan – Cricklands

Sat 17th Feb Cricklands



The three phases of Driving Trials are taken indoors into a shortened format, which we run as a one-day-event.

For FODDTG we have the privilege of the all-weather-arenas so our Indoor Driving takes place outside. Once you’ve harnessed and warmed up, you drive your test, then head to the main arena for the cones & obstacles. 

2023 – 24  Rule Book

Precision & Paces

The Indoor version of dressage.
One judge marks paces while the other marks precision (just the accuracy of the course taken). For each judge, the marks are added up, taken from the perfect score and multiplied by 0.5 to give the penalty score.

Tests can be viewed here


A driving-cones course is built at one end of the main arena. Time is allowed for drivers to walk the course. The course is then driven with the aim of keeping all the balls on top of the cones, when balls are dislodged penalties are incurred. 

The cones competition is scored as follows: five marks for a knockdown and one mark for each second over or below the target time which is set on a speed of 220 metres per minute.

Example Cones
© Amy Mundell

The Indoor version of the marathon.
Two Obstacles are flagged and built at one end of the main arena. Time is allowed for drivers to walk the obstacles and decide their routes. (Timings can be found the event schedule)

Organisers will let you know on the day how the obstacles are running: In pairs, one driver drives two, then takes a break whilst the other completes, then you go again – or – all four are driven consecutively. 

In this phase a good groom/backstepper is important – they can balance the carriage by leaning in around the corners and if needed remind the driver of the route!

Prize Giving

Usually around 3pm (depending on entry levels) competitors are invited back to the main arena for a presentation of the winners.